14 July, 2008


Hi there,
the ever illusive Rob here.
Just thought I'd stick my ha'pence worth in..
Since the beginning of the year I've been working with a couple of bands other than A Slow RIP (gasp!), one of them, a rockabilly trio(gasp!!) has gigs most weekends plus the odd weeknight... I also work 5 days a week and have 2 kids (gasp!!!) so, yep, time and energy is at a premium these days.
That said, Da RIP is a really important part of my creative musical life (let's face it, musically speaking rockabilly isn't rocket science, infact it's not rocket science any other way either, but it is paying the bills, partially).
And now ASR has a real bona fide CD release, thanks to Endgame Records and there are a couple of performances lined up, though I hadn't really considered ASR to be a live entity in the sense of a giggling band...
I'm looking forward to the shows but at this stage have only a vague idea of what we are going to do.
So while Phil and Ian have been practicing, I haven't so much as plugged in a guitar. As I'm a happy improviser I'm not too worried although my main concern is that of gear. I don't have any.
When we record I borrow stuff or use what's lying around. Sadly I don't have a raft of gear and effects.
As Phil says we are having some kind of rehearsal this Saturday so, as the Illawarra's Premier Avant Trio lumbers into bemused existence, we shall see what transpires.


Anonymous said...

hey Rob, hi from London, hope the rehearsal went well! Will hear about it from Shane I hope. Remember my offer to buy you new leads etc and help organise repairs etc still stands(although maybe not a new guitar!)
I'm hassling the others about the release online from over here and finding out a few things. I've been missing hearing the album too...(would you believe). I played bits of it to someone the other day, it sounded really good. Can't wait for the gigs!
Hope you're well. London's great but just so much to see and do...!

Rob said...

thanks tegan
Phil got sick so rehearsal this friday instead.
looking forward to the gigs too.