27 July, 2008

Friday Afternoon

rob and ian setting up

So Ian and I finally played with Rob again after many intervening months, going through all the tracks that we'd been working out as a duo. Shane came along as well to get some idea of what effects he could use to broaden our live sound. We did it at my place, in "Annette's room" flooded with light and with the garden just outside.

Rob has borrowed a guitar "rig" from an old friend and had to come to grips with all that. Oh, yes, and the ebow sounds mighty fine. I set up the Odyssey and the Ion although the poor old Arp is in serious need of another service (it's really just a great noise maker nowadays). It was terrific to play together as a group once more and the songs all made a little more sense. I think Ian felt more relaxed about his parts with Rob there to flesh out the palette.

I made a delicious Duck cous cous for lunch but we wanted to finish it up quick and get back in and play some more. At least one more group practise and, possibly, a live practise with PA for friends before our proper launch gigs.

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