29 June, 2009

MySpace Tracks

As per below, we're in the final stages of completing our latest 'release' - Wheat and Nerve. It's a compilation of material culled from our last 2 sessions, some of it over 2 years old. Rob has mixed these to perfection, I've done some final tweaking and naming and I have an image in mind but the photos have yet to be taken.

I've added three of these tracks to our MySpace page so please have a listen and let us know what you think.

"Huge Whopper (Dedicated To)" is an hommage to Hugh Hopper - the recently deceased bass player from Soft Machine: a touchstone band for all 3 of us. It's a slowed down section of another piece and sounds uncannily like the tones that Hugh created on his great solo albums like "1984".

"Platform 5" is a very eerie track with foghorn tones, pulsing guitar and a dark, enclosing feel. If memory serves me, this was fairly similar to how it sounded live.

"Another Wall" is a bit cheerier. Based around a rhythmic patch I created on the Ion (but have failed to replicate since) it has Ian soloing on a Roland and Rob confounding us all with swathes of guitar (see A Laurie Driver).

28 June, 2009

No Night Sweats

Due to Bigpond's disdain for it's customers I've move the NNS website to


Please let anyone with any interest know about the change

20 June, 2009

Very, Very Slow

We're finally getting close to finishing the tracks that came out of last 2 recording sessions. It's been a tortuous, interupted process but Rob has found some time and, more importantly, a bundle of energy to apply his many and varied skills to the raw sounds.

My memories of these sessions are quite hazy as they happened so long ago but I think we all had a great time (that's not unusual) even if the resulting recordings weren't quite as immediately exciting as the others.

Even so, there's enough good material for Rob to weave his magic, resulting in about 60 mins of stuff. The tracks are quite dark and gloomy once again - more discordant than ambient. We're reasonably happy people, especially when playing together, so I have no idea why this side of our personality shines though so often.

The last listening session is on Monday, then track naming, etc, etc. Stay tuned...