20 June, 2009

Very, Very Slow

We're finally getting close to finishing the tracks that came out of last 2 recording sessions. It's been a tortuous, interupted process but Rob has found some time and, more importantly, a bundle of energy to apply his many and varied skills to the raw sounds.

My memories of these sessions are quite hazy as they happened so long ago but I think we all had a great time (that's not unusual) even if the resulting recordings weren't quite as immediately exciting as the others.

Even so, there's enough good material for Rob to weave his magic, resulting in about 60 mins of stuff. The tracks are quite dark and gloomy once again - more discordant than ambient. We're reasonably happy people, especially when playing together, so I have no idea why this side of our personality shines though so often.

The last listening session is on Monday, then track naming, etc, etc. Stay tuned...


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