16 November, 2008


A terrific review from Freq Online magazine:

A Slow Rip – For The Time Being
Label: Endgame Format: 2CD

For The Time Being is a double CD compilation of ambience, taken from material originally released between 2004 and 2007 by A Slow Rip on 7 CDR albums. The Wollongong based trio take the name from the initials of their first names: Rob Laurie (guitar, percussion, vocals and wind instruments), Ian Miles (analogue synths, guitar and bass), and Phil Turnbull (virtual analogue synth). A pretty impressive list of instruments. A Slow Rip are definitely not laptop artists, which is fine by me; personally, I've always thought they were more suited for spreadsheets than music.

A Slow Rip improvise and record straight to tape. This approach leads to a warm organic soundscape of buzzing synths, long drones and prepared guitar. The first CD is predominantly composed of more drone based music, whereas the second CD is more experimental but still very warm and effortless. The percussion really comes to the fore, in a very spacious and relaxed way. A Slow RIP are slow. Nothing happens that quickly. Their sound has the feeling of time stood still. All in all very nice stuff. They've clearly got a lot more material, so hopefully we'll get to hear more of it soon.


01 November, 2008


As part of our 2nd gig at Megaphon studios, Shane and Tegan organised a professional video of the event. All bands were recorded and we each picked a couple of 5 minute sections / songs to be fully edited. Shane mixed our live audio feed and this has been added to the tracks. Hope you like then:


1st Section

2nd Section

1st Section
2nd Section

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Italian Review

Our album was reviewed in the September 2008 issue of Italy's Blowup magazine. Here's the translation (thanks Paz and sister):

Rob Laurie (guitar, percussion, voice) Ian Miles (analogue synthesiser, bass) and Phil Turnbull (analogue synthesiser) are three mature Australian musicians who have an academic experience behind them of jazz and new wave, have played together under the stage name of “A Slow Rip” since 2002 and have produced 7 CD-Rs, arriving only now with their official debut with this double which collates the best moments.

Theirs is an ambience created on the whole with analogue instruments which follow the line between the cosmic German (Tangerine Dream) and certain dark isolationist drifts (Lustmord) wrapping the listener in a tangle which for brief moments dangerously leaves one in a somewhat lackadaisicalness (especially the initial pieces), but then fully redeems itself with the sudden crude rock (Give Me A Warning), beautiful percussion sections (Kalimbah Tweak ) and hypnotic electronic guitar, excellently made (The Court on the Left, The Freeway Temple) all the material focuses almost entirely on the second CD, clearly better than the first CD.

(7) Stephen I. Bianchi

or, for the Italian speakers, the original:

Rob Laurie (chitarra, percussioni, voce), Ian Miles (synth analogico, chitarra, basso) e Phil Turnbull (synth analogico virtuale) sono tre maturi musicisti australiani con alle spalle esperienze accademiche, jazz e new wave che suonano insieme con la ragione sociale A Slow Rip dal 2002 e hanno prodotto sette CD-R arrivando solo oggi alluscita ufficiale con questo doppio che ne raccoglie i momenti migliori.

La loro una ambient realizzata per intero con strumenti analogici che sta sul filo tra la cosmica di stampo kraut (Tangerine Dream) e certe scure derive isolazioniste (Lustmord), avvolgendo lascoltatore in un viluppo che se per brevi tratti si pericola in qualche leziosit (soprattutto i pezzi iniziali) sa poi redimersi ampiamente con improvvise crudelt rock (Give Me A Warning), belle sezioni percussive (Kalimbah Tweak) e ipnosi chitarristiche ed elettroniche di notevole fattura (The Court On The Left, The Freeway Temple), tutti materiali concentrati quasi per intero nel secondo CD, nettamente migliore del primo.

(7) Stefano I. Bianchi