31 May, 2009

An Explaination

Here's Tim's explaination of his performance at Clifton:

1. Q: Three Tugs on, are they riven? A: They are three tugs on a river.

2. AKA "A Slow Rip"

3. or   an exercise in tactile synaethesia

I hope that clears it all up.


04 May, 2009

The Clifton Gig

The day was gorgeous as you can see from the shot of the venue above. The hall itself was smaller than I'd remembered but it was perfect in any case. Tim's PA and nous with sound were likewise. Annette slaved over a hot entry with Drosma at her side and vowed never again. The crowd was hearty (a surprise in itself), welcoming and appreciative. Set 1 was only slightly prepared - start with a drone, perhaps? Oh, OK! There were some lovely sections - Ian as T. Riley is always a joy - but Rob slayed them with his manic display towards the end. Timmy Tugboat's project was secret even from us (especially from us, in fact). The river display with 3 plastic boats was fine but we couldn't see how the scrolls of material fitted in. They were miked up and pulled at and, eventually, rendered apart by hand - A Slow Rip indeed. The 2nd set was more prepared with a rhythm backing track (unusual for us) that worked pretty well overall. It segued into a soft padded 2 chord progression, simple yet meditative. Mr Mesmer made an appearance - hurrah.

Photos here: At Facebook

Musical Excerpts can be found at MySpace

03 May, 2009

An Afternoon At Clifton

Yes! It's finally on. Here's the promotional guff:

“A Slow Rip” are hosting a Sunday afternoon of experimental music on the gorgeous Illawarra coast of New South Wales.


The “Clifton School of Arts” is a small art space located just south of the newly erected tourist mecca - the Sea Cliff Bridge. It's a lovely room, full of history and faded (if renovated) elegance, and we hope that its relaxed atmosphere will inspire the players and invigorate the listeners.


“A Slow Rip” are an improvisational trio steeped in their love of Krautrock, Musique Concrete, Drone, Post-Punk, Prog and Jazz. Since 2004 they have created 7 CD-Rs of material, the best of which was compiled onto the 2008 Endgame 2CD release “For The Time Being”. This is their 3rd live performance.

“Timmy Tugboat – Top Secret Project #2” is provided by one of Australia’s most respected sound engineers. Although the details must remain hush-hush, we expect frivolity and stern discipline in equal measure.

+++ possibly more to come

The Details:

Clifton School of Arts
338 Lawrence Hargraves Drive
Clifton NSW 2515
Southern Hemisphere
The Galaxy, etc

Sunday May 3rd 2:30-6:00 PM

$10 at the door (kids - whatever)

Bring A Cushion!!! [there's no seats]

Getting There:

Train: From Sydney Central departing 12:40, arriving at Scarborough 1:56. From the Gong trains arrive at Scarborough 12:42 and 2:42 so, if on the early train, you may want a refreshing beverage at the Scarbrough Hotel. It's a short walk north to the venue from the station.

Car: travel along the "Great Coast Road": the venue is just south of the Sea Cliff Bridge.

I hope you can all make it.