04 May, 2009

The Clifton Gig

The day was gorgeous as you can see from the shot of the venue above. The hall itself was smaller than I'd remembered but it was perfect in any case. Tim's PA and nous with sound were likewise. Annette slaved over a hot entry with Drosma at her side and vowed never again. The crowd was hearty (a surprise in itself), welcoming and appreciative. Set 1 was only slightly prepared - start with a drone, perhaps? Oh, OK! There were some lovely sections - Ian as T. Riley is always a joy - but Rob slayed them with his manic display towards the end. Timmy Tugboat's project was secret even from us (especially from us, in fact). The river display with 3 plastic boats was fine but we couldn't see how the scrolls of material fitted in. They were miked up and pulled at and, eventually, rendered apart by hand - A Slow Rip indeed. The 2nd set was more prepared with a rhythm backing track (unusual for us) that worked pretty well overall. It segued into a soft padded 2 chord progression, simple yet meditative. Mr Mesmer made an appearance - hurrah.

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Musical Excerpts can be found at MySpace

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Tegan said...

Highlight for me was I think in the 2nd set where Rob was using his hands to move those ball bearings apart from each other like a theremin or something...with the effect like some sort of eboe...I did try to get a shot but missed it due to all the messing around with the zoom and flash!
Tell Annette I did offer to help on the door but you didn't want me to! I will do it next time...hope you didn't have too much refreshment left over...?