11 July, 2008

Practise etc

So Ian and I have been practising each week so that we can provide the best possible live performance you've ever seen!

Rob's so busy that he can't be involved in these but he's magically talented all the time and we're sure he'll be able to make us sound more brilliant than ever. No pressure, then. Both he and Shane are coming over next Saturday week to do it properly. Ha!

I bought some nice new leads from Allan's Music in Sydney last week. They're great but what a ridiculous store it is. The walk-in section has a million stupid guitars and amps with lots of bad musos testing riffs. Behind this is drums and then technical gear. Upstairs is all keyboards all the time. The synths they have are awful - all digital presets and imperfect manufacturing. Not one good brand amongst the tedium. Lots of gaffer for sale, though.

But I did order a new 3 tiered keyboard stand so that I don't break my gorgeous ion again and, ofcourse, so that i can look like a complete wanker. I was surprised that Allan's don't sell capes as well.

Ah, Wakeman will arise.

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