07 July, 2008


So I finished practising yesterday and was pleased that the fingers could actually perform well enough (just relax seems to be the way forward) and I moved the ion to the side of the room when... the X table on which it sits collapsed!

I'd bought a clip-on light so i could see things better that very day and the clip got smashed completely but, worst of all, the 2nd highest B key was at a 45 degree angle upwards and there was something rattling ominously inside my lovely, lovely synth. Not to mention the scratches on the bottom.

After swearing a lot, I pulled myself together, turned on the power and... it still plays beautifully. Even the broken key. Phew. I pulled myself together more, called up the servicing manual PDF and unscrewed the top from the bottom. Its quite a simple thing inside, really but the top is very heavy. The rattling was a small U-shaped part of the key which keeps it from going upwards as it's in tension with a small spring engaged at the back all the time.

I've talked to Tim V about the best glue to use and will try to fix it temporarily before Alesis can send me a replacement.

Disaster averted.

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