29 June, 2009

MySpace Tracks

As per below, we're in the final stages of completing our latest 'release' - Wheat and Nerve. It's a compilation of material culled from our last 2 sessions, some of it over 2 years old. Rob has mixed these to perfection, I've done some final tweaking and naming and I have an image in mind but the photos have yet to be taken.

I've added three of these tracks to our MySpace page so please have a listen and let us know what you think.

"Huge Whopper (Dedicated To)" is an hommage to Hugh Hopper - the recently deceased bass player from Soft Machine: a touchstone band for all 3 of us. It's a slowed down section of another piece and sounds uncannily like the tones that Hugh created on his great solo albums like "1984".

"Platform 5" is a very eerie track with foghorn tones, pulsing guitar and a dark, enclosing feel. If memory serves me, this was fairly similar to how it sounded live.

"Another Wall" is a bit cheerier. Based around a rhythmic patch I created on the Ion (but have failed to replicate since) it has Ian soloing on a Roland and Rob confounding us all with swathes of guitar (see A Laurie Driver).

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Tegues said...

Listening now while chucking out my past (!)
like the first one...