25 August, 2008

The Last Practise

Before our 1st gig. At Thirroul Neighbourhood Centre which is a lovely old style country hall filled with lots of pics of cartoon characters...

Tim setting up the marvellous little PA he supplied for free - thanks as always Tim and Happy Birthday too...

Shane weaving his magic behind the desk - it was great to hear the sound whirling round the room.

Ian in front of the bananas - nuff said.

Rob suitably serious as he did the tuning up mantra.

Overall it was a terrific day with lots learnt about what to do. Hope to see you all there so you can experience our supreme power and majesty.



Anonymous said...

Hahaha- ha!!!
love Ian in front of the bananas, and
Shane underneath that cartoon character with the guns!
Um, will people think from this last post it's gonna be at Thirroul Neighbourhood Centre...?

Anonymous said...

and there is some sort of affinity between Rob and those emus, even...!
great photos, love 'em