27 August, 2008

Drum Media (26 August - 920)

A review (thanks Brooke - whoever you are):

drum media review
Click on the pic to read the text, or just read my transcipt here:

"Illawarra trio A Slow Rip get off to a steady start on their double cd For The Time Being. The gradual introduction of synths and noises builds over each soundwave carefully, conjuring a dark and dreamy soundscape of tepid peaks and troughs.

The first cd is an eerie, tribal take on the ambient genre blending the supernatural with native noise. Obvious is the soft incline towards melody as each track progresses and declines instinctively. It's format reads like a story - a basic beginning, stormy journey and quietly resolved ending. In this way the album is somewhat formulaic but never typical.

The secound cd is less synth-, more percussion based, easing towards the lightness of bells and airy melodies. Where the dim hum of synths lurks on the first cd, the band chooses naked noise to dress the secound.

The band worked on the double cd for three years, with instruments wandering from your basic guitar and bass to virtual analogue synths. Their strength - and signature - lies in the end product of the natual and synthetic; a country/city hybrid as much day as it is night. To call their weakness the lack of variation would be ignorant. Variation exists in it's own intricate capacity.

It's not a party albumor a headphone record, nor is it standard background noise. It's an intelligent and perfectly executed collection of sounds, to be enjoyed by a discerning set of patient ears."

Brooke Salisbury

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